What Is Hair Transplantation

the surgical procedure for hair restoration after hair loss/thinning with different techniques to looks like old appearance. is the answer to the question of what is hair transplant? Hair transplantation which is preferred by people who feel discomfort and lack of self-confidence, regardless of age, is a common procedure performed in our country and in the world. the vital appearance of hair can be returned after hair loss due to any disease, accident, aging or genetic cause. All of that is done through hair transplantation. During the procedure, the graft taken from the upper nape of the neck of the person's head (Tissue required for hair transplantation with nerve and vascular connections) is transferred to a different area. The reason for the removal the graft from the upper nape of the neck is that this area is resistant to hair loss.

What are the procedures for hair transplantation?

hair transplantation is done by local anesthesia and there is no need for general anesthesia. In the first stage, to start the process of hair transplantation hair grafting is taken from the relevant area. The preferred area is usually the nape of the upper neck. A bandage is placed in the donor area for one night. The micro-chanals are opened at the front of the head and in the area where the hair will be transplanted. No leakage occurring through the microchannels in the day after the hair transplant. The medications provided and the instructions given should be used strictly. In order to achieve the desired appearance in the shortest possible time after the operation. Our patients can go home and rest within a few hours after the operation is completed. In the first week after transplantation, a dandruff layer is formed in the area, and can be eliminated by regular washing of hair. The dandruff layer is not a condition that will disturb the patient. Hair transplantation is a process which a person can return to his or her social life in 2-7 days depending on the amount of transplant.

Techniques applied in hair transplantation

Today, with the development of technology, it is possible to achieve highly successful results in male hair loss. In hair transplantation using a technique called FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction), the transfer of hair taken from the donor area is performed one by one. During the operation, no stitches or sutures of the donor area occurring. recovery time very speed. The equipment used in the surgery is particularly prepared..

How long does the hair transplantation process take?

The duration of hair transplantation varies by region of transplantation. Especially another question from people looking for answers about what is hair transplant? What is the length of time of operation?. The estimated time of operation is 4-6 hours. After the operation, the patient can go home to rest.

Can hair transplant for all ages?

Hair transplantation mainly covers the age group between 18-60 years. However, in order to perform hair transplantation, it is more important to have hair loss than the age group. If the scalp is visible when viewed as a result of hair loss. In this case we can say that the rate of hair loss is 50 percent. However, it is taken into account if there is a health condition that causes hair loss. Especially those with hair loss as a result of burns, empty places in the eyebrows, patients who were not previously satisfied with this procedure, people who have lost their hair due to illness, and women with male hair loss problems can also benefit from this process.

Can hair transplant for women?

The hair transplant can be performed for women as it is for men, and very comfortably.

Who are the doctors authorized to do hair transplantation?

The doctor who performs the hair transplant must have sufficient experience in this area. Especially in order to prevent any damage in the donor area of the hair, Also support from an experienced dermatologist is required

Am I a suitable candidate for hair transplant?

As with many surgeries, there are some factors to consider for their suitability for hair transplantation. In particular : - There is no chronic condition related to blood clotting, - The area designated as donor area (between the ears) should contain sufficient hair to take the graft from them.

What is the required number of graft?

Hair transplantation is done based on the number of sessions. On average for one session, the number of grafts varies between 2500-4500 depending on the density of the patient's donor area. This means that the graft range is between 7500 and 8,000 hairs. The desired graft is determined by the specialist according to the level of the patient's hair loss and the width of empty area of hair.

How much is the time required to healing process ?

After hair transplantation a thin layer of dandruff occurs. They are eliminated by washing the hair regularly for ten days. During this period the patient can practice his daily habits without any problems.

Is the transplanted hair growing immediately?

Most hair obtained after transplantation is shed within one month. For this reason, a similar appearance occurs before hair transplantation during the 1st month. On average, new hair begins to grow within three months. The difference is generally observed in the 5th and 6th month. In this period the hair percentage is increased by 10%. In the 9th and twelfth month hair grows by 90%. Another important detail to know is that hair in the upper area can grow in the 15th month because of the slow of blood circulation in the top area.

Beard and mustache transplantation using FUE technique

Beard and mustache transplantation is one of our operations. Especially for men who have empty areas in the beard or whose beard has not grown for genetic reasons. Even in areas with scarring of wounds, hair transplantation is possible. Transplant results are observed within 6-8 weeks.

Do you also transplant eyebrow hair?

Yes, we also transplant eyebrow hair. Women who want to modify their eyebrows or suffer from eyebrow loss. The same procedure is done by taking the grafts from the back of the head. The eyebrow hair grows approximately in 3 months afterwards the graft are adapted to the area.